Thursday, January 15, 2009

Got tickets into the ceremony!

My mom received 2 tickets from Congressman Pete Stark's office so she and I will make to the capitol for the ceremony. I was thrilled just to be there on the mall with the big screens but this is just amazing!


ValerieV said...

Thanks so much for including me on your blog list! I wish more then anything to be there and watch Barak Obama become President Obama but your blog will bring me there in spirit!

You have a safe trip and can't wait to read all about your experienes!

ValerieV said...

Oops! Better spell his name correctly! Barack Obama!

jmariej said...

Hi Lea:
Thanks for the invite to your blog. Congratulations! I am your neighbor, in Riverbank, CA just about 15 miles from Tracy. Glad to see we will have someone from the Central Valley to witness this historic event. I worked on the Obama campaign for Riverbank. Finally....yes we can, and yes we Did. You are so blessed to have the opportunity to attend this historic event. You and your Mom be safe and take a lot of pictures to share with us on your blog. God Bless.


Tammeil said...

I'm so happy for you and your mom. The article in the Tracy paper about your journey with the famliy to witness history was great. I keep thinking a out how much this moment/presidency will really call people to the service of others. If we could become a country with this fundamental value wouldn't the possibities be great? I hope you have a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! It isn't often that I'm speechless,but this is such an awesome event to witness. I can't wait to read some posts from Gregory and Justin. Stay warm!