Saturday, January 24, 2009

Post from Justin

Overall the trip to D.C. was spectacular. The cites were amazing unlike another I've ever seen. There were huge buildings and swelling crowds. The weather was very far off from the weather we are used to in California. It was about 17 Degrees and the winds were very choppy, it felt like bees stinging your face at times. I have never been in these types of extreme temperatures before. It was all worth it though, being in Washington D.C. to witness history made me forget all about the weather, the enormous masses of people, and the cramped metro trains. Watching the Inauguration and actually being their sharing this experience with millions of other people from all ages, ethnicities, cultures, religion and race was an outstanding experience. At that moment it finally dawned on me that we were actually there and all of the hard work my aunt (and others) had done finally paid off, with the victory of Obama and the high hopes of change in the United States to come.

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