Saturday, January 24, 2009

Post from Gregory

My trip in Washington D.C. was incredible. When we arrived there it was freezing. I never been in weather under 35 degrees, but over here it was 17 degrees and what was making it worse was the very cold winds. I walked around with my family to see all these buildings that I only dreamed of seeing never thought I would actually see it in person. But I did!!! I saw the Library of Congress, Supreme Court, Arlington National Cemetery, The White House, Washington Monument and all these other famous attractions that most people never get to see in person. It was so amazing that I got to see where The United States of America is run. One of the places that hit me the most was when I visited the Lincoln Memorial. Just thinking about where I was stepping is where Martin Luther King Jr. made his most famous speech. There were so many people I saw, the most I ever seen in one place. I mean yes it was really crowded but I was happy to see all sorts of people came here to watch and support President Obama taking the oath of office. Watching the Inauguration with all ages, ethnicities, cultures, religion and race was a good experience because you got to see a lot support that Obama received from all over the country all the way from Alaska to New York. I even met a couple of people from out of the country that came from Brazil and England to watch the historical event. I am very proud to be one of the millions of people to watch this event. It’s a story that I can tell my kids and it’s a part of history. I wish the best of luck to the President Obama and I may be under age for now but I still support him.

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