Sunday, August 24, 2008

Arriving in Denver

I just arrived only a few hours ago, and already it's been an interesting time!

City Streets
Downtown Denver is already spilling over with people. Add to that, the 1,000+ anti-war demonstrators and hundreds of police, and it's been an eventful afternoon. Mixed in the crowd were people carrying signs in support of Barack Obama, some opposed to him and all established government as a whole, but overwhelming anti-bush and impeach bush signs. All of the protest I observed were peaceful, but the police are prepared for just about anything so I would hate to see what happens if anyone has plans otherwise. Attached are a couple of pics.

Clinton supporters?
There have been more then a handful of Clinton supporters with signs encouraging people to nominate Clinton and claiming that Barack Obama was selected and not elected as the nominee. Technically, nobody has been elected until the convention, but Obama certainly had the most delegates from the primaries (including the caucus states which have been left out of the Clinton count)...leading to the party naming him the presumptive nominee. There seem to be some stirrings that folks are going to try hard to bring this fight to the floor. On the other hand, I've meet other Clinton delegates who understand the need to focus on electing Obama President and ending the Bush policies that have left this country in despair. There's no telling what will happen. We will all be listening to hear what Clinton has to say and hopefully she will demonstrate leadership and speak directly to her supporters, telling them that a vote for Obama is a vote for the same values and goals that are shared by them.

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