Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It looks like people worried about what Clinton would say and the reaction he would get for no reason.


Shea said...

No worries at all. Great speech with more to come. Tell those puma's to get with it.

Gloria said...

I can only imagine the energy in the convention center. I am so proud to know you and to know that you are there in person to witness the great historical event.

God bless

Tracy Dem said...

Once again, heard the speeches at work, while driving home, rushed into the living room to catch them on TV and ended up watching the analysis online.

Listening and watching, it seems like the crowd is just waiting to erupt. We can't tell how loud things get on the convention floor. How great was it when Obama showed up tonight?

Shawnine said...

I have so much that I want to say and discuss that I don’t know where to begin. I must say that I am glad that Hillary arrived at the game fully ready to play on a TEAM as a team player. For the past few weeks, we have discussed her leadership as it relates to her ability to encourage or persuade her supporters to carry out the ultimate goal of taking the White House back.

Although I expect the Clintons to show up to when they RSVP for a party, I did have some doubts. I am glad to know that the doubts I had was a waste of my time. You and I can discuss how her role in this campaign could have a direct impact on her successfully running in the future.

Joe Biden: I am absolutely on board with Biden as VP. Last night, he conveyed strength and readiness when he spoke on Wed. I think that his foreign policy background is a valuable asset to the Obama which makes the Obama/Biden ticket priceless. Being family orientated and supporting policies and act that are family focused is a huge plus.

Unfortunately, being a “pseudo parent” has kept me from respond as I would have liked to this week. Thanks Cousin for carrying on with what Grandma & Aunt Dot started and I can’t wait to tell my kids about this experience.

Thanks again and as always, I am here to support you…checkbook and all.