Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Women's Caucus

I attended the Women’s Caucus today – the 88th anniversary of the 19th amendment. Rosario Dawson, Eva Longoria, and Fran Drescher addressed the packed ballroom, but the real dynamic speakers were the women democratic leaders. All of the women announced their support for Barack Obama and all explicitly clear that women who want the right to choose, equality for women, quality education for our children, affordable and accessible health care, and who care about getting out of Iraq, getting our troops home, affordable housing, and an administration that works on behalf of families will not only vote for Obama, but will go a step further. This day was more than a call for unity, it was a directive by some of the greatest women leaders in our country for women to not only vote for Obama, but to work to make sure he is elected.

The founder of Emily’s list who has served on Clinton’s campaign stated she is “fired up and ready to elect Barack Obama” and a democratic congress. Alice Germond, Secretary of this convention was perhaps the most dynamic speaker – I hope she addresses the full convention. She talked about Michelle Obama and her speech last night and told the crowd not to allow the media or anyone else to diminish Michelle Obama’s incredible speech on behalf of all women. Germond was briefly interrupted by an anti-choice protestor who was escorted out by police as he tried to approach the stage. He was easily drowned out by OBAMA chants.

Sheila Johnson, an entrepreneur and community leader, talked about the divisions that have been created – a lot of it by the media – between and among genders and ethnicities - and told the crowd that Obama cannot stand alone in this election. She called on women to step outside of themselves and elect Obama with by using their words…talking to our sisters, mothers, daughters, and neighbors about Obama. A Hillary supporter in the crowd stood to yell out “Barack Hussein” as if this somehow indicates something wrong with him. Sheila just talked with more conviction and passion and I was so encouraged when the crowd – a large portion of whom are Hillary supporters – shout him down with “OBAMA” chants.

Aside from a small group of Hillary supporters who sat silent whenever Barack or Michelle were mentioned, it does seem that most Hillary supporters are Obama supporters will work to make sure we have a Democrat in the White House. Today, I saw many people with Hillary and Obama buttons and the “Hillary Supporter for Obama” buttons. This morning at the breakfast Gloria Allred was walking around with her mouth gagged in protest of Obama’s nomination – even Hillary delegates called her wacky and over the top. I hear that she and a small band of others plan some sort of protest inside the convention tonight. Who knows what will happen tonight, but if the Women’s caucus was an indication, Clinton will draw the distinctions between and vote for Obama and a vote for McCain and the majority of folks will be onboard. I’ve met many Clinton delegates in the last 2 days who are absolutely committed to electing Obama!

I had problems posting from inside the convention last night but will try again today.


rory said...

Thanks so much for the report from the Women's Caucus. I am so upset about the Hilary women -- but I hope you're right and that the media is making it bigger than it is. Even Michael Krasny was on it this morning. I almost called in and screamed at him and the ridiculous callers.... they made me ashamed to ever have called myself a feminist.

Last night was wonderful -- between Teddy K and Michele the kleenex box was busy! Can't tell you how much your missives mean. Get some sleep... much love and many thoughts.


Zee said...

WOW Lea this is so awesome...Thank you for sharing your experience and keeping us posted. I know your having a BLAST!



Imhi1 said...


Thanks for the great descriptions and sharing of experience. It definitely adds to the meaning of the convention experience.


Tess said...

I just finished watching the convention coverage of Hilary. She was powerful! After watching and listening I feel even more hope that Obama will be elected! I love reading your comments and can feel the excitement in your words and I see your sparkling eyes know that your dimples are proudly displayed while you're updating this blog.

Tracy Dem said...


This is great! We are keeping up with the convention as we drive home, at our desks at work, online, and on TV but you are giving us an extra special perspective.

I agree that much in the mainstream media has been made of the Hillary supporters lack of enthusiasm for Obama. However the polling data just does not bear this out.

What did you think of the Twin Cities line?