Monday, August 25, 2008

Inside the convention !

Hope this first picture taken from my cell turns out. We are inside the hall. This is awesome!


Linda O. said...

Hi, Lea--

Just saw Ted Kennedy's speech--not a dry eye in my house!! I was thrilled to see you featured in Sunday's Oakland Tribune article on delegates from the Bay Area. Will they follow up with you while you're there and when you return? It would be a great story for them to cover. I'm so glad you're there!

edwina said...

Lea, really enjoyed the Kennedy’s talks, Michelle’s video “so blessed”…wow! Her speech was very heartfelt and purposeful.

Great history, much HOPE for our future….

Tnesia said...

What an exciting event to be a part of! I can't even imagine the energy level of the folks in the convention center. Thanks for the snapshots.


T'Nesia said...

I really loved Hillary's speech tonight. I think it is so important for her supporters to hear her ptich support for Barack Obama. It think the best part of her speech was when she highlighted Harriet Tubman- urging slaves to keep going and don't look back. It's amazing that we are at this point in history where we had a woman and a black male a serious contenders for the presidential election. I can't wait to read with the publishers write in our children's history books!