Friday, August 22, 2008

It looks like Biden is the VP choice. Despite their early differences, what a great choice! Biden is one of our best thinkers and most experienced representatives. I remember during the early debates that almost all of the dem candidates started at least a few sentences with "I agree with Joe Biden that...". This selection, if confirmed by Obama tomorrow, demonstrates Barack Obama's vision and leadership by selecting a VP who will both balance and challenge him. He recognizes that as President it is not just about him, but that he must surround himself with varying expertise and who are not "yes people".

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Anonymous said...

Lea, my thoughts are with you... I wish I could send you off with roses and songs. But, even for you, I'm not getting up at 5am and getting to Sacramento! I'm sure Frank is being his usual supportive and wonderful self as he takes you to the plane.

yes, I think Biden is a good choice. I've been gone most of the day so have not seen them on tv, but heard about it on radio. Keep us posted and if you see "Youth Radio" find Micco Savidge and say you're a friend of a friend of Eillen and Marty's.

Can't wait to hear your reports.