Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mile high

We have arrived at the stadium, this is going to be insane! The California delegation has awesome seats, I am only 10 rows from the stage. I really cannot say enough thanks to everyone for helping send me here to be a part of this!


Angie said...

Go Lea! Thank you for representing us and letting us vicariously experience the convention. We're having folks over tonight to watch the speech, so we'll look for you!


PS: Charlotte Marie arrived last night!

Annie Neves said...

Lea, I feel like I'm vicariously part of this process because of your postings. Hubby bubby and I are having our best friends over for a BBQ and brew tonight to watch Obama's acceptance speech -- although I'm going to open the champagne for that part of the evening! I pray every night for him, we absolutely need to win this to save our country. Thanks, again, for posting!....xox Annie @ Mills

Tess said...

I agree with Annie....I am living vicariously through you! Only 10 rows away!!!! AWESOME! No thanks needed for the support I am sooooo proud of you! Veronica and I will be watching tonight!!

Carmen said...

Thank you for your vivid description of what is going on. Your words paint a portrait of the excitement that is going on. We are very proud of you.

PrincessBernadette said...

Wow, Lea, I am truly in awe of your experience. I cannot express to you how proud I am of you. You are giving us a truly remarkable experience by letting us live through you during this historical event. I am so honored to have you represent us. Love you!! Bernadette

Anonymous said...

Lea, it must have been remarkably moving and powerful. I am so glad to know you are there - just 10 rows away from our next President.

Gail said...

I enjoyed every moment of the covention thanks to your daily postings. I feel like I was actually there. I know your dad was there with you. We are so, so very proud of you. I am going to do all I can to help the Obama/Biden ticket win.
oxoxox, mom.

Seana said...

Thi is so amazing! I am hearing from lifetime REPUBLICAN family friends that they are going to vote for Obama! What a wonderful moment in history we have been a part of! YES WE CAN!