Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary rocked the crowd, Clinton and Obama folks. Hope to update blog tomorrow. It's so nonstop, there's hardly time to sleep!


Annie Neves said...

Lea, I am so proud of you representing the women of California at our convention. I agree, seeing Senator Kennedy and Michelle Obama speak were both wonderful, emotional moments for me. The party MUST unite for us to Take Back Our Country!

Keep up the great work there, enjoy, observe, and I love the blog!

Be well & take care, Annie @ Mills

Anna said...

I have told you this before...between watching the convention, reading your commentaries, and following Barack for the past few months- I feel connected, represented, heard, American for the first time. I have been so moved- Hillary, Michelle, Joe, Bill, Ted and Barak. I cannot imagine the energy you are a part of....
Tomorrow will be phenomenal.
Keep us connected!
Si se puede

Anonymous said...

Thank you for representing my families hopes and dreams for what America and my childrens future can and will be. I wish we could be with you tonight. Enjoy your well earned front row seat at history.