Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday part 2!

By the time you read this, you’ve probably already gotten the news, but Clinton’s camp is saying that she will release here delegates before the vote Wednesday and is meeting with them ahead of time, encouraging them to support and work to ensure Obama is elected.

Now on to the good stuff for those who said they wanted to know about the goodies and parties…
Our arrival bags – one from the state party and one from the national – were stuffed with goods. Certainly noting like an oscar goody bag, but some useful items although I’m not sure what to do with a bobble head of the Mayor of Los Angeles or a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese (my least favorite food item) printed with a dem logo.

The parites…So far…awesome! Good food! Good Drinks! Democrats know how to wine and dine!
Tonight I first attended the Friends of New Orleans Delegate reception. It was really cool to meet New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, going into the convention center before he was swamped with people - that’s a photo of me with him. Marica Ball and Randy Newman performed, and a zydeco style band. Many of you know that New Orleans is my favorite place away from home so the New Orleans food (gumbo, crawfish, red beans) hit the spot.
Howard Dean opened his keynote with Fired Up! Ready to Go! and gave a rousing speech about Obama’s mastery of the 50 state strategy (the strategy, along with the internet pioneered by Dean in 04) and the solid reasons we need to elect Barack Obama and restore our government.

The second event I attended was African American Committee 2000 and Beyond Celebration of Civil Rights, hosted by Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and co-presented by Tavis Smiley and the Bay Area’s own Danny Glover. I would have loved to meet Danny Glover, but he did literally run into me as I was coming in the door he was rushing out of. Oh well. The celebration included honors for many great civil rights organizations like the SCLC, NAACP, Urban League, followed by a concert featuring Maze & Frankie Beverly. Well, each organization (9) had a speaker and it ran so long that I left before the concert. I’m sure it was well after 11 before the concert started. The messages delivered in those speeches (albeit long) were powerful reminders of where we have come from, the hard and often dangerous, sometime deadly, battles that were fought to gain the civil rights we have today plus the need to continue fighting for justice as long as inequities continue. The video clip is a super short piece from Tavis Smiley.
By the way, Glover has produced a new documentary on Hurricane Katrina – I heard an interview with him and segments of the film on NPR a few weeks ago, it sounds powerful. A lot of the footage was shot by residents during the disaster. I can’t recall the name, but do a google search.

Tomorrow is the first day of the convention; Michelle Obama, Barack’s sister Maya, and Jimmy Carter are due to speak. I am really looking forward to all of folks lined up, but particularly Carter and Michelle Obama.


Carmen E. said...

What an interesting 1st day. Sounds so exciting. Wish were were phyically there but we are there with you in sprit..rah..rah
Keep those blogs of yours comin' our way.

Anonymous said...

How exciting, Lea, that you and Mark are participating in one of the most profound History-in-the-Making moments in the WSA! Way to go, Girl Friend and keep the info flowing.
Yes We Can!

edwina said...

We are very proud of you Lea, keep the blogs coming. Your cousins in Louisiana are tuned in...Love Ya!