Thursday, August 28, 2008


Thank you for the comments you all have been posting. It is great to know how you’re experiencing this so I hope you are reading others comments as well. Please keep sharing! It is really great to be representing California and Tracy/San Joaquin County. People keep asking me how “red” Tracy is and I am happy to tell them that Tracy has more registered Democrats, voted for Kerry in ’04 and is helped deliver McNerney’s win two years and will do so again!

Each day I think, this is incredible, it can’t get any better – and then it does! The place went crazy for Hillary Tuesday night, as you’ve seen. Her speech hit all the right points. Yesterday she held a meeting with her delegates where she released them and told them that she cast her delegate vote for Barack Obama. The roll call votes clearly demonstrated that her delegates are putting their support behind Obama – even New Jersey, which she solidly won cast all 127 of their votes for Obama! I think Hillary’s motion to nominate Obama by acclamation was even more powerful then her Tuesday speech. A Clinton delegate just hugged me and said she was so excited and when she gets home she’s going to work right away on the Obama campaign and as Obama delegates, we are just as excited because we know we need ALL of us to work on this campaign, especially in the battleground states.

The Nomination
The nominating process is really interesting (at least for policy wonks!). Both Obama and Clinton’s names were entered into nomination. For each, someone formally makes the nomination, and then 2 separate people seconded (not sure why 2) and then the roll call begins.

As delegates, we all got to participate in the final nomination of Obama. Speaker Pelosi ask for a motion and we get to say “so moved”…she asks for a second “second”…all in favor “aye”. It seems so simple but it was pretty amazing to be a part of that and to know that we have participated in officially nominating Barack Obama. When Pelosi announced Obama as the Democratic Party Nominee the feeling that overcame is impossible to describe. Not only have we made history, but we have nominated a candidate who really will help us to repair the destruction that bush administration caused. The convention was packed wall-to-wall and everyone seemed so overcome by this. There were so many tears of joy and pride.

Will have to post more later because I have to head out already to the convention. It is supposed to be a madhouse and we want to see the Presidential History Exhibit before we go in. I will try to post some updates while inside.

For those of you who know Charlene S., she made it here yesterday and I was able to get a credential so she will be in the stadium tonight!


Tess said...

I can't even imagine how exciting tonight will be with Obama there! I only caught a moment of his appearrance last night....still have to watch some of my TIVOed event before tonight's broadcast. So happy that Charlene will also get to witness this historic moment!!! This blog is great but I can't wait to hear firsthand, of your experiences!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about tonight. Lea, it is just so motivating to know you are there, representing so many of us who wish we were. I heard Lauren saw you on tv!
See you soon.